Thursday, 8 November 2018

Winter Landscapes

Over the course of Winter we used the cold weather to inspire us to create some winter snowy landscapes. We thought about the kinds of animals and creatures that happily live in the snowy weather and incorporated these into our scenes.

Artist: Aimee

Artist: Ghadah

Artist: Helen

Artist: Spencer

Artist: Caroline W

Artist: Nicole

Artist: Alex

Artist: Kylie

Artist: Janice

Artist: Scott

Artist: Ian

Artist: Peter M

Artist: Shelley

InterACT Disability Art Exhibition

Last week our artists put together an exhibition for the InterACT Disability Arts Festival. We decided to showcase some of our cityscapes and new abstract paintings as well as some of the mosaic arts.


Art Gallery City Installation

We visited the Auckland Art Gallery and participated in the communal installation. Everyone worked with a team mate to create their own little building to contribute to the big community installation. This was lots of fun and great to be part of.

Monday, 12 March 2018


The artists are back for 2018 and working hard on creating a series of art works based around cityscapes using water colour paints. Here are some of our art works so far.

Kezia has based her city around a waterway

Caroline's city is a night scene where the lights are reflected on the water

Nicole's city has buildings with interesting roof shapes

Ian's city is a night scene with bright lights in the windows

Scott has a very geometric city set at night with lights reflecting on the ocean