Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mapping landscapes

This week David started a new project called Mapping Landscapes. We imagined a landscape and looking down onto it from a birds eye view. David marked out where the land and the sea would be. David has added other features to his landscape like a crazy cityscape, maps, a boat and a plane. The final step was to imagine that the map was very old. We added layers of old wallpaper and shellac to age the collage. A fun quick project.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Flamingo Sculptures

This month we have been studying Flamingo's and creating sculptures of these amazing birds out of paper mache. Each artist creates the body of the bird out of scrunched up paper and tape which then covered in layers of paper mache. The neck is created in the same way and then joined together before the birds are painted and covered in feathers. We are taking an artistic license with our flamingos - you will notice they are a variety of colors!

The Neon Ladies out for the night

Artists from the left: Felicia, Carolyn, Devendra and Janice

David's Flamingo is the first completed sculpture and is proudly hanging up in the art room. David loves the color blue so it's easy to understand how his flamingo is this gorgeous cobalt color.

Kezia has almost completed her flamingo in this beautiful bright pink. The final touch will be to add the eye details on. The legs of the flamingo are made from bamboo.

Bridie's completed flamingo went for an adventure in the garden. Doesn't he look at home!