Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shields - Let me tell you a bit about me

Families, businesses and companies often have shields to represent aspects of themselves. Each person in the group has been thinking about things which are important to them that might represent an aspect of them as a person. Some of our first shields are completed and here are photos of the artists with their shields.

Hello my name is Laan. I love animals so I have drawn a horse, a snake, a cat and a rabbit.

Hello my name is Chris. I love art, catching buses, walking and enjoying eating delicious meals.

Hello my name is Jan. I like knitting, gardening, helping out with meals on wheels deliveries and cooking.

Hello my name is Rachel. I like basketball, my laptop, drama and art

Hello my name is Philippa. I am very proud of my swimming, indoor bowls, helping out with cleaning and jobs and music.

Hello my name is Vincent. I love art especially painting, hot chocolate, movies and my dog

Hello my name is Brent. I love my dog Laddie, Thunderbirds, music and cooking

Hello, my name is David. I love healthy fruit, music and dancing, my family and my home

Hello my name is Sam. I love keys, I would love to have keys to as many things as possible. I also like hot chocolate, my family and chatting and texting my friends with my phone.

Hello, my name is Emma. I love shopping, music, lollies and dancing. 

Hello, my name is Kezia. On my shield I have painted my family (top left), my Dad (top right), my brother with the CD player (bottom left) and one of the Spice girls (bottom right). My family and music are really important to me.

Hi, my name is Spencer. My shield has paintings of my family, Playstation, basketball and my stereo because I love music.

Hi my name is Helen. I have put a heart on my shield because family and love are important to me. I am a library assistant so I have painted a book. I also have myself and a dog on my shield.

Hi my name is Va. I have a fish, a cat, a flower and a butterfly on my shield. I love nature.

Hi, my name is Nicole. In my shield I have a Pokemon, a Diet coke an I-pad and an I-phone. I love technology!

Hi my name is Ghadah. Can you tell I like music, flowers, my family and love?

Hi my name is Gail. I love animals which is why I have a kangaroo and a lion. I'm a New Zealander so I have put a kiwi on my shield. I have also painted a picture of me for the final image.