Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Our Solar System

This year we have been very lucky to have Louise come and volunteer in the art room for a month. Louise came up with an idea to make our own imaginary planets. We had to think hard about what we wanted our planets to be like and what we would like on them. Things to consider were types of environment - temperature, landscape, planets, animals, cities, humans, buildings, water and communication. We completed our own fantastical solar system with a huge variety of planets.

Vincent - can you see the rivers?

Carolyn - Can you see the satellite tower

Helen - Can you spot the wind?

Gail - Can you find the cat city?

Charlotte and Janice - Can you see the flames?

Rachel - Can you spot the giant spiders?

Gail - Can you find the bird city?

Felicia - Do you spy the wild apple trees?

Brent - Can you see the ocean?

Self-portraits with a twist

 This month we have started a new project, so amongst the flamingos and map making there are new things emerging. Each artist is painting a self-portrait as realistically as they possibly can, the twist is the decorative antlers, horns and headgear that are added to the portrait. We have taken a small sample of different animal antlers and horns to use. Each artist chooses a design and uses paint, buttons and wool to personalise their headgear before it is added to their portrait. Antlers in the wild are only for males but both male and female artists are using this technique. The antlers are a way of each artist expressing something about themselves that is not visible to others by just looking at them. They have become an expression of our inner selves on our outer body in this case. Here are some of our self-portraits.