Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Woolly Walk Along

As part of our art exhibition we displayed the Woolly Walk Along film and photos of our section of the art work. It was great for our knitters to be working on such a huge community arts project that was enjoyed by so many people over the rugby world cup. 

Please click on the link to the Woolly Walk Along film

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A successful show

The Artistic Manoeuvres exhibition was a huge success. We received over 140 visitors to the show which only lasted for 2 hours. At times it was hard to move! Our visitors were impressed with the huge range of work on display. We asked people to put a sticker on their favorite art work. It was great to see that so many different art pieces received a sticker. However, we did have a few peoples favorites! Wine and cheese was thoroughly enjoyed as was the live kitchen staffed by George and Bobbie who provided cakes and tasty treats fresh from the kitchen throughout the night. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening so fabulous and of course thanks to your wonderful artists for all the hard work throughout the year!

Our orchestral section 

The hall all set and ready to go

The silent orchestra

A selection of art/craft pieces

Sumptuous Palaces from the east

Mosaic wonderland

Crazy hand sculptures

The Legend of the Tamaki Basin explored through set design, costume and a movement film

Peacocks on display

Photos and a video about the woolly walk along that we participated in

 A quiet corner in the jungle

Our miniature theatre with the puppets we have created

Live piano music to accompany our orchestral art works

Some excited artists

Enjoying the show

Linda was buzzing with excitement about her art on display

Brent was proud to see his photography being appreciated by our visitors

Peter bought some art at the exhibition off a fellow artist

Nicole was proud of her work on display

Great to see all our hard work has paid off tonight!

Jean was proud to see her mosaics on display

Our pyramid with our egyptian art work on display

Our eastern arts corner