Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Art room update

Philippa is very pleased to have completed her Coral Reef art piece

Vincent is working on creating a bird scupture

Vicki is creating her lino print tropical fish

Janice is pleased ot have finally finished her garden art piece

Joanne is proud of her coral reef art work

3 dimensional gardens

Ranfurly artists have created some colourful 3 dimensional garden art works. Each art work is made of multiple pieces attached to wires and arranged over a background. Each flower and leaf has been painted by the artist using acrylic paints. 

New Zealand inspired landscapes

Inspired by New Zealand landscape scenes of beaches the Ranfurly artists have created the beach scenes and added their own native plants to put in the foreground of their piece. 

Artist: Shelley

Artist: Clare O

Artist: Chris

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Artist: Rachel

Artist: Ian

Artist: Carolyn

Artist: Linda

Artist: Ghadah

Artist: Joanne

Artist: Sam

Coral Reef Art Works

Here are some of our completed coral reef art works made from a mix of lino prints, paint and paper collage. Each artist created multiple prints of their fish to create colourful schools of fish. The fish were glued to sponges of different heights to create a 3 dimensional art work. The coral was designed and made out of coloured paper added to the background.

Artist: Keily

Artist: Vicki P

Artist: Ghadah

Artist: Filia

Artist: Kezia

Artist: Poppy

Artist: Gail

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lino prints and mixed media art

Ian working on printing his tropical fish lino print
The artists of Ranfurly are back to working hard on their artistic endevours for 2017. We have started with some mixed media art works with a Tropical Jungle theme. Others in the group are working on creating coral reef scenes using lino prints, paint and paper collage.

Spencer working with the lino cutting tool

Devendra putting the finishing touches to his tropical jungle

Filia carefully cutting out his fish from the lino ready to print