Monday, 15 September 2014

Exploring forests

Taking inspiration from the forests of England, each artist has spent time capturing the bright colors of the flowers on the forest floor beneath the majestic trees. Each artist learnt new painting techniques to create texture and depth. Layering and overlapping were another essential technique used. Impressionist paintings helped to inspire the style of our forest paintings.

Artist: Craig

Artist: Spencer

Artist: Clare O

Artist: Poppy

Artist: Gail

Artist: Nicole

Artist: Emma

Artist: Filia

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sparrows and tea

The Ranfurly Artists have just completed a wonderful set of painted tea cups. Each person chose a different pattern or design to paint onto their cup and saucer. Each person then painted a little creature to perch on the edge of the cup.

Artist: Chris
Artist: Marlana
Artist: Janice

Artist: Daniel
Artist: Vicki
Artist: Vincent
Artist: Nicole
Artist: Devendra
Artist: Jean
Artist: Sam
Artist: Craig
Artist: Sheenal
Artist: Spencer
Artist: Alex
Artist: Sacha
Artist: Christie
Artist: Ian
Artist: Shelley