Monday, 20 July 2015

NZ Native Birds

Our Nikau Palm sculpture complete with New Zealand native birds. Spot the Tui, Pukeko, Wood pigeon, Yellow Eye penguin, White heron, Falcon, Kaka and kapapo. What's that I see in the background? A Furby?? hmmm.... not a NZ native but a favorite of one of our artists Nicole.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Wow Sacha that is a big cocktail!

The art room has created a range of colorful cocktails and we also had fun making some mocktails in our kitchen. They were delicious!

Ian helping to chop the watermelon

Philippa preparing the fruit

Janice helping cut ingredients

Gail is ready to get the blender going

Ian gives the cocktail mix a stir

Linda getting the blender going

Looking good!

Vincent adding the garnish to the cocktail

Wow those cocktails look delicious!

Gail enjoying her delicous watermelon cocktail!