Sunday, 24 February 2013

Natural Disasters

There are so many disasters that happen around us, it is constantly on the news and we thought we would use this to inspire some art work. The most popular disaster is a volcano, especially since Mt Tongariro has been so active lately. Artists used paper pulp to create texture and shape to create dynamic works. Some students have chosen to focus on bushfires. Also in process are some tsunami.

Artist: Vincent

Artist: Kezia

Artist: Gail

Artist: Emma

Artist: Christie

Artist: Bridie

Tutti Fruity Collage

Artist: Chris

To start the year we have decided to begin with colorful still life collages. We have chosen fruit bowls as a theme. It has been fun to create fruit that have been cut in half so we can see their internal details. Some fruits look so plain on the outside but are full of detail inside. We also created our own wallpaper design for the background. Big congratulations to our new artists - Ghadah, Spencer and Rebecca who are new exhibitors here on our blog.

Artist: Ghadah

Artist: Devendra

Artist: Kezia

Artist: Gail

Artist: Jan H

Artist: Nicole

Artist: Emma

Artist: Rebecca

While the theme for most artists was a fruit bowl, Spencer decided he'd rather create a cake stand full of delicious and decadent cakes! So here is your dessert after eating through photos of our healthy fruit bowls.

Artist: Spencer