Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Spring flowers and butterflies

Our latest creations are inspired by Spring. We have created colourful sculptural flowers out of cardboard and then made our own lino print butterflies which are printed in bold colours. The butterflies are glued to wires and are flying around the flower.

Our exhibition - Hustle and Bustle

Welcome to our exhibition

Helen and family enjoyed the night

Our exhibition was opened with a live performance

Anna was pleased to have her tapestry on display

Melissa, Linda, Glynis


Winter Landscapes

Filia created his own Elvis sculpture

Carol was proud of her sewing and graphic arts

Karyn pictured here with her fox in the snow painting

Some gorgeous flowers

Mannequin sculpures

Caroline was proud of her sculpture called Abigail

Rachel was pleased with her skytower sculpture

Sheenal enjoyed showing her friend Sam around the exhibition

Rachel created the biggest cityscape painting with her giant skytower 

Chris was pleased with his Auckland cityscape

Aimee had a great night at the exhibition

Gail enjoyed seeing all her art on display and having a celebratory drink

Ian with his mannequin sculpture

Mark painted an abstract based on a Picasso painting

Vincent had lots of art displayed, including this skytower sculpture

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Hustle and Bustle Exhibition

We would like to welcome you to attend our Hustle and Bustle Exhibition coming up at April 16th and 17th. The opening night will be the main event but if you can't make it then we have the exhibition open from 8am -12pm the following day. You will see all our art work including painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and mixed media art projects from our art room as well as mosaic arts, scrapbooking, recycled art, and sewing samples from our dress making department. Come along and celebrate our artists hard work and success.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Outsider Art Exhibition

This year seven of our artists exhibited at the Outsider Arts Festival at the Helensville Art Centre. We chose to exhibit some of our cityscape art works. Here are some photos from the exhibition.

Abstract Mannequin Design

Nicole is our first artist to complete her abstract painted mannequin completed with fascinator. Nicole took Piet Mondrian as her artist model. This is one of his paintings below.

Nicole had fun trying out this new style of painting.

Nicole then translated what she learnt from the painting to her mannequin to produce this fabulous result.

Abstract Painting

We have been looking at a variety of artists who create abstract paintings. Each artist is taking one artist model to try and is applying some of the ideas and techniques used to create their own abstract art work. Each person is applying this artistic style to their own mannequin design and adding a fascinator or hat in the style of the abstract artist of their choice.

Artist: Kylie

Artist: Ghadah

Artist: Helen

Artist: Nicole

Artist: Caroline

Artist: Janice

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Winter Landscapes

Over the course of Winter we used the cold weather to inspire us to create some winter snowy landscapes. We thought about the kinds of animals and creatures that happily live in the snowy weather and incorporated these into our scenes.

Artist: Aimee

Artist: Ghadah

Artist: Helen

Artist: Spencer

Artist: Caroline W

Artist: Nicole

Artist: Alex

Artist: Kylie

Artist: Janice

Artist: Scott

Artist: Ian

Artist: Peter M

Artist: Shelley